Dragon Haven is a wonderful, beautiful, sacred space.  Our events are fun, inclusive, and always growing.  We hold events for, on average 100-150 people, every six weeks.  Everyone is welcome at Dragon Haven events, but if you feel drawn to do more for our community, Tribe membership might be  something you wish to consider. Making our events happen takes ALOT of behind-the-scenes work. Tribe Members are members of our community who have come together to help facilitate our events. They are volunteers who donate their time, energy and resources to help our community. They come out to the site multiple times prior to events for work days, help care for the property, build fires, plan and run events, facilitate classes, run our youth programs, organize vendors and fundraising, facilitate our check-in process and welcome committee, deal with issues and do a seriously insane amount of paperwork, in addition to any number of other tasks that pop up along the way.  

The following are the base requirements to join Tribe:

  • Have attended at least ONE official DH event.
  • Have attended at least TWO non-event work days
  • Be willing to volunteer at least FOUR hours of various duties (Check-In, Welcome Committee, Set Up etc) on event weekends.

Our work days are held multiple times between events from 9a-1p.  They are usually held on weekends, though we do offer some on weekdays to accommodate our members who work weekends.  The house is strictly off-limits so please bring water, food or snacks in a cooler.  If you’re traveling from a distance you’re welcome to camp on property to make the 9am start time.  Children are welcome to attend as well but our normal event rules regarding our hatchlings and supervision still apply.    

This is not a ‘cool kids club’, it is a MAJOR time and energy commitment.  There is nothing wrong with knowing your own boundaries and limits and saying “This is not something I can commit to at this time.” If you just want to come and enjoy our events, you are still a loved and appreciated member of the Dragon Haven community.  You are still welcome and wanted at our events and we welcome any and all help you are willing to contribute! However, TRIBE is specifically for people who are willing and able to make a commitment of this level.

For more information, please email