We love our Children’s group- affectionately referred to as the Hatchlings. Kid energy is one of the most powerful and wonderful energies around! The Dragon’s Nest is our children’s area, and during events, is open on Saturday from 9am to 9pm. We have toys, games, snacks and craft supplies for our hatchlings to enjoy. During the event, we have a scheduled kids craft/activity. Our Hatchlings have made wheat brooms, painted flower pots, made windchimes and witches bells. All the hatchlings (and many of our grown ups!) enjoy craft time and have made beautiful items. All of our children’s activities are always free so everyone can take part regardless of a family’s financial situation. 

Twice a year, we have a Moving Up ceremony, where our older hatchlings who display appropriate maturity and interest, ‘graduate’ to our teen group, the Wyverns. For more information on the Wyverns, click HERE.

Please note- we do not offer babysitting services so children ages 7 and below must be in direct supervision of one of THEIR grown ups AT ALL TIMES- even in the Nest. Hatchlings ages 8-12 will receive a wristband and must wear them at all times. They are allowed to play freely as long as they are being safe and respecting the rules of the property- but they are still under the responsibility of THEIR grown ups.  Please make sure your children know the rules and understand what areas and behaviors are off limits.  After 9pm, all hatchlings 12 and under must be under the direct supervision of one of their grown ups. On Saturday, after 9:30pm, no minors are allowed at the circle, in the foodtent or on the patio.  Teens may visit with their friends at their campsites, or babysit younger siblings, but no children 12 and under may be left unaccompanied.

For more information on our kids program, please email