Our Teen group, who have named themselves the Wyverns, are an awesome group that can often be spotted roaming together at events. Their classes and activities are a bit more structured than the Hatchlings (our children’s group). They sit for a short class and take part in a related activity. Currently, the Wyverns are working on designing and building element shrines for the community.

Please note- Teens (ages 13-17) are able to roam freely and socialize for most of the event. On Saturday, after 9:30pm, no minors are allowed at the circle, in the foodtent or on the patio.  Teens may visit with their friends at their campsites, or babysit younger siblings, but no children 12 and under may be left unaccompanied.

For more information on the Wyverns, please email JenniferC@dragonhaventn.org