Paganism 101

Pic Credit: Willow

Over the course of the last few years, interest in Paganism and witchcraft has exploded. Our community has expanded exponentially and with that, we have a large amount of new people looking to learn- oftentimes being misinformed or finding conflicting information that can be confusing.

In response to the numerous requests and statements of being new to the pagan path, Dragon Haven hosts a Pagan101 course. It is an 8 hour course that is done over the weekend. Camping is free but you will need to provide yourself food and drinks for the weekend. An outdoor kitchen and grill will be set up to meet your cooking needs.

The course is taught by Jenn C, a brilliant and extremely knowledgeable practitioner with 20+ years of experience.

At this time, future dates for the Pagan 101 class are TBD. Keep checking back here for updates.

Please contact with any questions.